Perhaps it’s your wish to see the bigger picture, or a deeply felt need for change; possibly it’s an ambition to get more financially fit, or this aspiration to find greater meaning in your life; might it be the struggle to overcome an economic challenge, or a desire to open your mind to new possibilities; maybe you just want to become a better version of yourself?  Whatever your reason for being here – you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve arrived seeking purely mortgage advice, please proceed to the link below and make the connection – I look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  If you are interested in my financial advisory or life coaching options, this is where we get the ball rolling as my unique, engaging and insightful approaches to your personal growth and well-being are initiated by a free consultation to ensure that our connection is a good fit for both of us.  Not every relationship is meant to be, so it’s important that you are comfortable with me and I’m in turn comfortable with you.  Ours was a universe of feeling long before it became a universe of thinking which means that our sense and intuition about each other will naturally serve as a reliable guide to moving forward.  In my experience with clients over the years, positive energy is established very quickly and well before this initial intake session is complete, we will know if the stars are aligning for us.  And beyond the synopsis of my offerings below, you will see a dropdown labelled OUR CONNECTION which highlights some further thoughts surrounding our time together.

Your Footprint

This direction in which you are presently headed is not set in stone as there are naturally many paths you can choose through the uncharted forest of your future, but it’s certainly clear cut that your ability to negotiate life’s journey and your potential to thrive along the way has a lot to do with your financial fitness. Much like our physical health and wellness are connected to the level of care and attention we place on the needs of the body, our financial well-being too is shaped by our intention and the effort we are willing to put in.
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Your Mortgage

With debt comes cost and if you get yourself into the wrong mix with your mortgage, an unwise decision could cost you thousands in interest, penalties and fees, and who knew it would be easier to understand the nature of our universe than the convoluted framework of what the Canadian mortgage industry has become? Honestly, after so many rounds of seemingly endless government intervention, we are left with a lending landscape full of perplexity and fine print where not all mortgages are created equal.
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Your Future

There’s a movie playing inside your head right now and you have the leading role. The whole story revolves around you. What you think about, how you feel, and what you do each day is the rolling script of this motion picture. Stepping out on stage, you’re surrounded by a cast of characters; people you love and others you perform with against the backdrop of your life – a set of conditions, events, situations and circumstances based on how you’ve performed.
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Our Connection

I have your best interests at heart. No matter what aspect of your life we find ourselves engaged in (your financial self, your relationships, your work life, etc), I’m here to listen and to help you learn, grow and move forward. Creating intentional change is often scary and certainly not easy given that we are all creatures of habit who naturally get entrenched in patterns of behavior, but this is what makes it so rewarding when we see results in our endeavors toward personal growth and self-improvement. Nothing worth doing ever comes easy and you need to know that I’m here to support you every step of the way!
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David J. McKnight is a professional advisor and personal development coach offering authentic advice and enlightening insight across Los Angeles, Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, BC and anywhere his services can help people realize their potential and reach their goals.