It’s important for you to know right up front what you can expect from me as your advisor or coach:

  • I have your best interests at heart.  No matter what aspect of your life we find ourselves engaged in (your financial self, your relationships, your work life, etc), I’m here to listen and to help you learn, grow and move forward.  Creating intentional change is often scary and certainly not easy given that we are all creatures of habit who naturally get entrenched in patterns of behavior, but this is what makes it so rewarding when we see results in our endeavors toward personal growth and self-improvement.  Nothing worth doing ever comes easy and you need to know that I’m here to support you every step of the way!
  • In regard to my support in helping you manifest your potential and realize your next level and beyond, it’s imperative that you get the straight goods from me.  I’m not one who’s going to sugar-coat the truth and tell you only what you want to hear.  There will naturally come moments during our sessions when the discussion is revealing and my questions might seem challenging, but this is when you will begin to see the light of progress, and it’s in the moments between our discourse when you are marinating on these thoughts and feelings while turning them into positive action that the real work is getting done.  Rest assured that my honesty will always be tempered with kindness and a genuine desire to see you succeed!
  • Your desire to create a better you will not only be positively encouraged and fully supported, everything that we discuss during our time together is in the vault.  Over the years, I have committed myself to building client relationships based on a solid foundation of integrity and trust which necessarily includes confidentiality.  In order for us to get to where you want to go, you need to know that your thoughts, feelings and information shared with me is not only valued, but also held in strict confidence.  The privacy and security in our communication is integral to a trustworthy, meaningful and beneficial working relationship.
  • I’m in this with you for the long haul.  Growth can only be properly measured and achieved over time and I’ve built my platform with this principle in mind.  By the same token, one needs defined goals to realize measurable results, so our working together must support a clear vision and destination.  That being said, I won’t leave you in the cold if there’s still work to be done in the end.  Instead, there will be an option to extend our engagement and we will discuss this further during our initial consultation.

What I’ll need from you:

  • Keep the expectations of yourself realistic.  We are all multifaceted human beings living in a complex world and to think one should have every aspect of their lives running at peak performance at the same time, all the time, is highly impractical.  Don’t be unduly hard on yourself – the underlying purpose of everything we are going to do together is centered on your commitment to becoming better than you were yesterday.  Realize that positive change creates momentum which leads to measurable growth over time.
  • Our working together will be a co-creative relationship.  This means that the results you obtain aren’t just reliant on what I bring to the table, they are equally dependent upon the commitment and effort that you are willing to put in.  Know that you will always receive my 100% engagement, focus, effort and attention, and in return I need the same from you.  If we can uphold this agreement from the very beginning of our relationship, the time we spend together will be fruitful.
  • Be honest with yourself.  The truth about one’s life condition and circumstances can sometimes be hard to accept, but true growth, betterment or progress cannot be achieved if one’s dishonest with themselves or seeks to sabotage potential positive outcomes.
  • Believe in yourself.  You are here for a reason, not only in your engagement with me today, but in your life itself.  You have the capacity and power to grow – we all do – but most of us surrender to that gremlin inside who tells us that we aren’t good enough, we don’t deserve better, we don’t belong, or that we can’t accomplish what we desire.  You are enough, you can be better, you absolutely belong, and you can certainly actualize what you place your attention on.  Believe in yourself and you’ll begin to see through determination and solid effort that you can turn what’s possible into what’s real.

All that being said, let’s get to work!