Why Should The World Care?

Financial Fitness Coach Victoria

Because KNOWING is our only escape from the evolutionary bottleneck of the mind we find ourselves in.  Yes, of course we're stuck, just look around...Unless you're on the cutting edge of something creative, what do you notice in your day-to-day movement that's really new except the latest smart phone technology perhaps?  Not much...And even these "innovations" have become noise in a noisy background.  I'm not saying this to be pessimistic or depressing, it's a simple observation that humanity has just kind of flatlined its way into a potential well, an unstable state in this false vacuum of a society we've created where a tragedy of the commons is caught in a governors trap, and where people look for politicians to provide real initiative and direction, while politicians wait for people to show real concern and support for a cause.  Such is the case, and so the obstacle that we truly face in this critical mass identity crisis then, is the conundrum of trying to look our problems squarely in the eye when too many heads are down.  So how do we break out of this societal sinkhole?  With a timely injection of extraordinary energy I believe!  The upgrade to a worldview in better alignment with the reality we see.  Lend me the stage and I'll be the catalyst.  From there, all the audience need do is be in the present at the moment with the Universal Flow, and once immersed, they'll have little choice but to fully understand.  19Dec2019 - DJM


As a licensed mortgage specialist and financial intelligence advisor over the past 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families achieve their financial goals.  Whether it’s been the pursuit of home ownership, a refinance to take care of important financial concerns, the desire to acquire investment property, or a commitment to improving financial fitness so dreams can one day become reality, my clients have continually placed their trust in me as a source of knowledge, vision and expertise for which I am forever grateful.  Not only for the continued support and kind referrals which have allowed me to earn a solid living, I’m also deeply appreciative of the freedom I’ve been able to enjoy as a self-employed professional – an independence without which I would never have created the opportunity to take my own life to the next level.  It's with sincere gratitude that I say Thank You!


It’s surely sad to say that the one thing we all share is the one thing we barely recognize, but I intend to change that!  What some who know me may not know, is that I’ve dedicated countless hours to learning, studying and pondering the natural evolution of our physical universe and how this amazing reality is so deeply connected to the essence of our existence as human beings.  In my Pre and Post-Equation Discovery stories shared below, I describe how a lightning bolt of creativity drove me down a purposeful path towards my life’s work that I'm now eager and ready to share with the world - it's the concinnated culmination of my passion project, that's now reached its destination in the form of an all-encompassing equation called Universal Flow Theory. 


As I watched the Universal Flow naturally evolve to connect all the dots, I realized how incredibly linked-up we are to this amazing universe of ours.  The creative energy which coursed through me and manifested into what I share with you today is within anyone’s reach to grasp – a natural intelligence at the core of your being that’s existed there since the day you were born.  This capacity of which I speak is not just your thinking self, it’s so much more than that!  I’m talking about a far greater spectrum of intelligence that expresses itself through your consciousness and life – a fountainhead of power that unfortunately for the vast majority of us has gone and will continue to go largely unrealized if not allowed to flow.  It's all about self-actualization and it doesn't happen overnight, but let me shorten your learning curve, tapping you into this creative potential at the core of your being and helping you turn what’s possible into what’s real.

How Did I Get Here?  Post-Equation Discovery Story

WRITTEN DECEMBER 2019 AS PART OF APPROACH AND APPEAL TO HIGHEST STAGE ATTAINABLE     |     What a year it has been!  For myself and my own personal journey, 2019 will go down as utterly monumental regardless of what happens next.  It's certainly taken some time to arrive here though as not all rocket designs get off the ground on the first try, and it wasn't that long ago when I was completely down on myself, feeling like a total failure in the aftermath of a launch attempt gone kaput; a fall-flat-on-its face effort in 2018 to share my idea locally in order to build some momentum from which to grow.  At the end of the day, I couldn't even get most of my family and friends to take my Compendium or Think Pieces seriously, not because the writing wasn't worthy or the work wasn't well presented; to this day I'm actually not quite sure, because at the time and in my sense of rejection and resulting frustration, I didn't have the desire to even inquire.  I had been hard at this passion project of mine since the summer of 2012, painstakingly putting it all together, always with the intention of bringing the universe down-to-earth while making it simpler to envision and easier to understand.  I felt very strongly that the next step in our evolution as human beings, and in essence our survival as a species, ultimately depends on our ability to properly recognize ourselves in the reflection of the universe - I still do!  Somewhere along the way however, I acquired this naive impression that my reason-based effort finally released would be swept up readily and immediately become accepted - such was the romantic expectation in the blood, sweat and tears of my 10,000 hours.  So in the face of doubt and dismay I withdrew and unplugged, retreated from social media and cut further attempts to communicate this worldview.  Besides, who was I?  Thinking that a self-made cosmologist with no formal education in physics, mathematics, or philosophy could really make anyone serious, seriously listen.  Deep down I knew my idea was worth spreading, I've always felt that it's groundbreaking, but on the surface I was fragile and what's completely understood in the rearview mirror of all this today, is that my idea was never the issue; the problem was quite simply that I didn't believe in myself.  Slowly over time I started to pull my thoughts back together and things began to turn around when my loving wife and trusted partner of 19 years said to me in the Fall of 2018:  "As amazing as your idea is love, you're never going to get it off the ground by yourself.  You need to attract the attention of some bigger fish."  Looking back with clarity of thought now, I can see this is the way it always had to go, but part of my defensiveness over the whole thing was that I didn't have the mathematics in my theory to make the world take notice...The consciousness I had connected to the cosmos would never be fully accepted without deeper proof.  So I went back to the roots of this seven year journey and got creative, putting together infographic-style art pieces that visually communicated core concepts of my message - blank Word documents that would be transformed into these colorful info-rich expressions, and as one became two, and then three, I could see my artistry skills were evolving and the pieces were getting better and better.  It felt good to be creating again and while I was putting the finishing touches on one graphic, visions and ideas were already flowing for the next.  And it was on the fateful fourth piece that I decided to recreate an existing graphic in the Compendium which really didn't come across the way I wanted it to originally.  As this newest and most compelling creation was coming to a close, I spontaneously added a last minute element with associated details and to my surprise, what looked like an equation suddenly popped out.  Not realizing what this truly was in the moment, already thinking about the next creation to come, I moved on to my fifth infographic and only when I returned to look at the overall portfolio that had built this resurgence in me, did I see what the equation was capable of describing.  The date was May 10th, 2019 and I'll never forget it - this tantalizing turning point on the knife edge of the biggest idea, that over the next several months would end up taking me places I could never have imagined, and now I want to take you there.  For it's the very reason I knock on the door today, trusting in myself that you'll want to hear a little more...Because where I'm now prepared to take the audience is 100% uncharted!

My Own Eventful Flow:  Pre-Equation Discovery Story


Ever since my childhood the universe for me has been a source of wonder and fascination.  At a young age, I can clearly remember crawling out my bedroom window onto the roof of our family home to get a better look at a rare passage of Mars.  It was a beautiful cloudless evening and I recall myself staring awestruck at the night sky; spellbound by the Red Planet’s magnificent glow outshining the surrounding stars.  Growing through adolescence and into adulthood this sense of awe for the night sky would follow, but it wasn’t until my mid 20’s (1997) that the light bulb of cosmic awareness truly switched on.  It was Christmas morning and as the gift that blatantly betrays itself as a book was handed to me – my mother had her radar tuned to my interest in the stars – I was excited!  As the Santa wrap hit the floor my attention was immediately drawn to an intriguing title:  The Three Big Bangs written by Dauber & Muller was looking up at me with the book’s subtitle of Comet Crashes, Exploding Stars, and the Creation of the Universe instantly gripping my imagination.  On the way home from my holiday visit I cracked the paperback for the first time and was introduced to a reality far more amazing than anything previously conceived.  From the demise of the dinosaurs by a hurtling chunk of space rock paving the way for the rise of mammals and ultimately human beings, to the death throes of supermassive stars making possible the emergence of life itself, I raced through the first two sections of the book and was hooked!  Turning each page was an activity of keen awareness as my comprehension of a wonderfully creative and truly compelling universe began to take shape.

Blasting into the last section of the soft cover describing the creation and evolution of the cosmos in its entirety, I must admit the sudden realization of our universe’s stupendous form and staggering immensity felt rather overwhelming and somewhat intimidating, maybe even a little scary, but as I undauntedly pushed forward it didn’t take long before these feelings of astonishment, amazement and perplexity were replaced by knowledge, reason and enthusiasm as the information compiled there would be the launching pad towards a decade of discovery.  There is no deeper discussion we can have than the totality of existence and as I polished off the final portion of The Three Big Bangs, a fire was kindled in me that would burn through the biography of our universe – the life story of how the cosmos we witness today with its trillions of galaxies, septillions of stars, and plethora of planets including our dynamic living Earth could materialize from the primordial fireball of an energetic big bang was simply captivating.  Feeling tremendous excitement for this profound insight and in some sense privileged to be learning such rich and relevant information, I began devouring any related subject matter that I could get my hands on.  From quantum mechanics and string theory to the macro universe of cosmology, this intense investigation built in me a solid foundation of understanding, perspective and appreciation for our physical reality.  

Science can only teach us so much however and in my early 30’s I suddenly found myself wanting for more meaning in my life than the knowledge of physics and the wisdom of cosmology could provide.  Whether it was the arrival of my first child or a natural maturity that comes with age, I do not know.  What I do know is that when you ask the universe for change it always makes itself available as my craving for something more led me to the next great leap in my own eventful flow – a life-changing step towards the activation of my spiritual intelligence.  Often, it’s the books people awaken us to that become new ground states in our growth, and this was certainly the way it continued to happen for me when a friend of mine inflicted with a life-threatening genetic disease was given a new lease on life.  Death’s door was looming and through the dedication, courage, and will of his loving wife, friends, and family it was decided he needed to go...A desperate yet purposeful move to a faraway larger city representing a beacon of hope and opportunity for finding his all-important organ donor match.  When we pick ourselves up and move ourselves forward with true intention, it’s amazing what can happen as this last ditch million-to-one-shot at saving a life came up aces!  I had not seen my friend for many months and upon his triumphant return home I couldn’t get over his eyes; full of life – it has been said many times before that our eyes are the window to our soul – he was nothing short of a new man.  In the revealing stories and inspiring discussions that would naturally follow, my friend couldn’t stop raving about a particular book that saw him through some of his darkest hours and I was compelled to act on his impassioned recommendation.  As I delved into Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention it became instantly clear this book was the introduction to my spiritual self I was subconsciously searching for.  Dyer’s description of a receptive, abundant and expansive cosmos full of beauty, love, kindness and creativity was truly refreshing; an intentional and participatory universe in stark contrast to the accidental universe I had read about in so many scientific publications – where matter is all that matters and everything that exists including our consciousness itself can be derived purely from elementary particles obeying the laws of physics.  There now appeared to be a fork in the road ahead of me; a science versus spirituality dichotomy of mind that many before have undoubtedly travelled.

An exciting flow of self-discovery would ensue; a period in my life that I can best describe as an awakening.  Enthusiastic as I was to have this enticing new spiritual perspective on life itself and on the universe as a whole unfolding inside of me, I was careful not to let it undermine an established foundation of scientific literacy and reason.  In the process of our becoming as human beings, like a cosmic crime scene, the universe left behind material clues revealing how we physically got here; observational evidence leading to universal truths that could not be shaken.  In the course of sifting through diametrically opposed worldviews over the next few years, I began to see this apparent fork in the road between science and spirituality was simply an illusion.  In the words of Dyer who often said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” it would become clear to me that the physical and cosmological groundwork I had so steadfastly laid down in the past was intimately connected to an essential intelligence being discovered in this new phase of my life.  There was a deep link between the science I had learned and the spirituality I was exploring, there had to be.  After all, in light of the big bang, everything comes from the same place and I felt inspired to reveal this compelling connection.

Once again, pivotal literature would show up at just the right time and several years after my inaugural venture into the spiritual realm with Wayne Dyer, I found myself quite serendipitously in possession of what I would consider the most profound publication in my journey to date – a book written by a physicist gone spiritualist and now gone forever.  David Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order was my own personal enlightenment as he introduced me to a completely new way of looking at the world, the universe at large, and frankly, reality in general.  There is a bridge between science and spirituality and I found it in these pages, with Bohm describing our entire universe as undivided wholeness in flowing movement where the universal reality we all share and our knowledge surrounding it are to be considered as one total process.  Put most succinctly Bohm said, “What is is the process of becoming itself.” and went on to describe our manifest physical reality as an interconnected explicate order stemming from an unseen implicate order that is the ground of all existence.  In other words, our observable universe (the explicate order) from big bang birth to our present moment 14 billion Earth-years removed, is best understood as a process of becoming itself, and in this flowing movement of becoming there exists an active universal intelligence (the implicate order) that drives the cosmos towards its unfoldment. When you look at an acorn you know there’s an oak tree inside, it just takes time and the right conditions to become what it is intended to be.  Just like our universe as a whole, the explicate acorn is driven by an implicate intelligence that unfolds the acorn’s ability to become an oak tree – not a pumpkin, flower, or anything but. 

Bells started ringing and as I spring-boarded off Bohm’s teachings it naturally made complete sense that you, me, and everything we see in our entire cosmos, along with the universe itself as a whole, is in a process of becoming what it is intended to be. As human beings we are a layer of creation unfolding according to our own capacity and in this universal flowing movement from what’s possible to what’s real, our lives and ultimately our destinies are written.  This flourishing idea led me to further understand that our physical universe as the primary layer of creation is a self-contained system and it too has a capacity; a flowing expanding entity moving from creation to destiny, and in the process of becoming itself, our intelligent cosmos manifests its potential and reveals its ability through the expression of consciousness in life.  Einstein’s famous E=mc2  for example wasn’t something that Albert himself invented.  The most renowned equation of all time was actualized or written into the universe at the very beginning.  It just took the genius of Albert Einstein to realize the monumental connection of this mass-energy equivalence and present it to our thinking in the form of an algebraic expression.  Through an “act of insight” as Bohm would have described it, like an archaeologist excavating evidence from the ground, Einstein tapped directly into the source of our universe, articulated the manifested physical intelligence stored there, and uploaded this information to the memory of mankind (the human stream of consciousness).  Einstein’s spectacular realization – best understood as a transfer of information from our universe’s physical intelligence to its mental intelligence – is certainly one of the most profound acts of insight human beings have ever witnessed, but it clearly isn’t the first, nor will it be the last.  Our knowledge too, is in a continual process of becoming, and through these acts of insight and imagination (thought) becoming reality, the human stream of consciousness continues to flow today.  The previous light bulb of cosmic awareness that switched on in my mid 20’s had now become a floodlight of realization in my mid 30’s – I was really on to something here as this deep-seated universal intelligence underlying everything in our cosmos suddenly felt palpable and accessible to me.  Invigorated and eager to uncover more, my own eventful flow would lead me to further acts of insight and discovery, but it would take a setback in my own life to realize the most important connection.

Throughout this personal decade of discovery, all the effort of learning, studying and pondering the universe was accomplished in my free time; away from my work-life activities which were for the most part devoted to the financial industry.  We are not what we do for a living, and I know life is about much more than just the money, but considering about half my waking moments were spent at work, I felt the importance of having a connection to what I was doing.  Feeling stuck behind a desk there was no such purpose and watching the clock, months and seasons tick by had become nothing short of mind numbing.  With change as good as a rest and never one to settle for too long, I put my name in for a position that would give me a renewed sense of freedom and a fresh landscape to explore – a role that nicely suited my skill set where I could really help the company.  Shortlisted to two but never the one, I received the fateful call.  Going home that evening in complete disbelief, I sorted through my feelings of disappointment and anger to realize that my days with this institution were over.  I thought about my friend who recently received his organ transplant – if he had the courage to pick himself up and move himself forward, what was preventing me?  My own situation certainly wasn’t life or death, but it was starting to feel like it!  Firmly entrenched in the teachings of Dyer at the time, he said “Be miserable.  Or motivate yourself.  Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”  I wrote my resignation and the next chapter of my self-actualization would begin.

Considering I had no steady job to be assuming and two young children at home, I’m forever thankful for a loving and supportive wife who trusted my decision to move on and understood the need to stretch my wings.  My intention was to go into business for myself – a financial coaching platform that wouldn’t materialize...At least not yet anyway.  Everything is interconnected, and you never know where your next opportunity is going to come from.  In this case, it was in the flow of a chance encounter, an intuitive phone call, a previous connection, an open mind, and willingness to change, where I was automagically swept up and carried towards a self-employed position as a mortgage broker.  Truly inspired by the stimulating sequence of events that had just occurred, I tackled a demanding course schedule, breezed through the mandatory entrance exam, and in little more than 3 months from quitting my job at the financial institution, I was on a trajectory towards a budding career.  Reflecting on this course of action now, it’s clear in the river of life that when you release yourself from the rocks of frustration, self-pity, regret, or any negative emotions that hold you down, the natural flow that propels our creative cosmos will pull you up and carry you in a positive direction.  For the first time in my life I felt a true sense of purpose in my work with a career that I could really sink my teeth into – one that, at the time, was exciting, challenging, rewarding, and lucrative.  Year after year, previous milestones were exceeded, and everything was going great.  However, as things were winding up in my career and earning potential, forces beyond our control would slow things down as winds of change created in the US sub-prime meltdown blew a cloud of chaos over the Canadian border resulting in serious economic concern followed by unprecedented government intervention into the mortgage industry.  A new regulatory landscape of lending would swiftly emerge characterized by mass confusion and public uncertainty.  Our industry started to grind, and in turn, the fabric of a long-term business relationship began to fray as the suppression in the flow of mortgage funds brought reduced revenue, detrimental decisions, and discord to the office.  Loose threads would quickly lead to tatters and before long a seemingly solid alliance had turned to shreds.

When something that you feel purposeful about and connected to is suddenly extinguished it can leave you totally disheartened and this was certainly the case for me; thoughts and emotions compounded by the fact at this stage in my life, it felt like I was starting all over again.  As a man, I’m not afraid to admit that I have feelings.  In fact, I believe our emotions are the gateway to our spirit, and as I went through my ups and downs and relative cheerlessness in picking up the pieces over the next few months, it was one momentous afternoon where everything changed.  Being an early riser it’s not uncommon for me to take advantage of a quick power nap to recharge my batteries, and as I retired to the silence of my bedroom on this idle afternoon, still feeling a little sorry for myself in a moment of reflection, I began to seriously question what I wanted to create in my life.  “What do I want?” is one of the most profound and essential questions we can honestly ask ourselves and in this quiet moment of contemplation, thoughts about my own intentions turned to thoughts about Intention itself – a dramatic shift in focus that would inspire me in the sudden consideration of our universe to wonder aloud “What really is Intention?!”  The epiphany that followed would be a catalyst.  Grabbing my bedside notepad, I jotted down Intention as the source of what I spontaneously perceived as the totality of consciousness and in a flash of realization, I manifested the fullness of its meaning.  Stepping back in relative amazement from this swift outpouring of insight, there it was – this new conception of a conscious cosmos expressed in a comprehensive and unfolding order – a flowing framework describing the evolution of consciousness both individually and universally.

I am sure that artists and musicians encounter this spirit of creativity often, but for me, it was the first time that my deeper thoughts about the universe materialized into something innovative.  I wasn't a visually artistic person by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I couldn’t draw or paint to save my life, but something possessed me to start putting these ideas down on paper graphically.  In euphoria of discovery and with this new conception of consciousness as my starting point, a visual matrix began to unfold in a whirlwind of creative energy that I had never before experienced.  Often waking in the middle of the night electrified with a clear vision of how to create the next section or component in this developing picture, it quickly became obvious to me that whatever this gripping force was, it would be the stepping stone towards discovering new direction and purpose in my life.  Over the next several weeks this matrix of my realizations, thoughts, ideas and hypotheses would come to fruition, and feeling as though an exciting new paradigm was somehow being written through me, I watched a unifying idea naturally unfold, evolve and expand towards the compelling conclusion in questions of our origin that we are the universe trying to understand itself; while the universe expresses itself through us and all of life.  The intention I had questioned in a moment of reflection would become a new cosmology of consciousness where life in general and human beings in particular embody the evolution of a cosmic capacity that continues to unfold right now.  Our universe is driven to express its all-embracing intelligence and the physical reality that we are all intrinsically connected to is the field of possibility for this creative expression.  The cosmos I had studied for so long suddenly made complete sense to me, and in the process of becoming from an infinitesimal seed to intelligent beings capable of contemplating their own existence, I realized what it truly meant to say in the ripening of human knowledge that we are the universe getting to know itself – the becoming of intelligence through the expression of consciousness from creation to destiny.

In the aftershocks from the lightning bolt of creativity that coursed through me, I could see this newfound cosmology of consciousness had all the potential in the world to become a book with a title that would flow as naturally as the contents that preceded it.  Our Flowing Existence – A Journey to Cosmic Consciousness was conceived and the path of my life would realize new direction.  It’s certainly true in life and in our own eventful flow that when one door closes another door opens as I share this story with you now.  It’s been a tremendous journey getting here and if what you find in these words intriguing or inspiring, and if you haven’t already done so, I invite you to open The Universal Flow of Consciousness & Existence – a brief treatment or summary designed to prepare you for what comes next and to provide you with a deeper level of understanding for a fascinating universe that is far more than simply physical.

Albert Einstein