Meet The Face Behind Eventful Developments Inc.

David J. McKnight |

Meet The Face Behind Eventful Developments Inc.

I’m David J. McKnight, proud owner of Eventful Developments Inc.

I wanted to share a little more about myself and hope you enjoy getting to know me better.

Growing up in beautiful British Columbia Canada, in a place called Ladner, I attended the University of the Fraser Valley after high school and found myself on a career path in the financial industry.  You never know where the river of life is going to carry you – that’s what makes our existence as human beings so interesting, unpredictable and often challenging – and my path, like so many others, wasn’t at all what I planned.  In the interests of keeping the length of this blog post reasonable, I’ll defer the deeper details of my personal journey to a piece I’ve written called HOW DID I GET HERE – MY OWN EVENTFUL FLOW but suffice it to say that I wouldn’t change a thing about where the course of my life has taken me.

As a self-made individual, I’ve not only worked diligently to create what I have, I’ve also worked very hard on creating myself.  Self-improvement is an inside job; a life-long pursuit carried by the body, guided by the heart, authenticated by the mind and realized in the spirit of what it means to be you.  With a unique understanding of how everything fits together, I’m using what I’ve developed – my knowledge, wisdom and insight – to help people realize their own potential and reach their goals through a comprehensive platform of Advisor, Writer, Coach.  I consider myself a thought leader who wants to make a difference in this world and in the lives of my clients and readership.  Nothing that exists in our human created world wasn’t at first imagined and this is where one’s intelligence (not just your IQ) can be harnessed in turning what’s possible into what’s real.  What I teach should have been taught to all of us when we were kids – that’s not the way our school system is structured I realize – but it’s never too late to grow.  Whether it’s a desire to make meaningful change, overcome an economic challenge, grasp the bigger picture, find new direction in life, choose the best financial path, or just become a better version of oneself, I’m committed to helping my clients turn potentiality into actuality.

While everyone I work with has a distinct set of challenges, goals, aspirations and life circumstances, there is one commonality - everyone wants to feel like they belong; that their life is worth living; that they’re getting somewhere, and it’s through my writing, speaking, coaching and advising where I help people achieve what they want to create, and show them how and why they’re here for a reason – not just in their connection with me, also in their life as a whole.

As the owner of this business, my primary responsibility is my clients!  I am continually asking myself where I can most optimally spend my time and how I can use my work day to its fullest advantage bringing real meaning and value to my clientele and readership.  I strive to offer people something they aren’t going to find anywhere else: a superior level of understanding, communication, care and commitment they can count on.  From an advising and coaching perspective, the best part of what I do is seeing my clients succeed in reaching their objectives while finding meaning and happiness along the way.  From a writer’s perspective, I enjoy helping people realize their deep connection to this amazing reality we call the universe.

Beyond the freedom I’ve been able to enjoy as a self-employed individual, which provided me the independence and spontaneity to become what I am today, it’s the continued support and kind referrals from my existing clientele that allows me to realize my own goals and expand my reach.  I pride myself on the listening and communication skills that form the cornerstone of what I deliver along with my ability to meet client needs efficiently and effectively.  What sets me apart as an individual in this space I’ve chosen to occupy is the level of understanding I bring. 

When not at work, I enjoy playing sports and spending time with family and friends.  Other than marrying my soulmate and raising two wonderful boys, the most satisfying moment so far in my life is overcoming the challenges of realizing my dream as a writer and thought leader – connecting the dots between scientific literacy and spiritual intelligence in a world at odds with itself.  It’s easy to discuss all the problems on this planet, but in my view, no one is really offering a tangible solution like I’m presenting in the The 21st Century Mirror Test and much more deeply through the introductory Compendium to my upcoming book.  This is what truly makes my work so new and engaging – I’m all about the solution.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me and if you or someone you know could benefit from what I have to offer, feel free to make Contact.


David J. McKnight